Art therapy background

I have considerable experience in delivering various art based activities to a diverse social demographic.

I have worked with people who have mental health issues, those who live with dementia, individuals who are physically challenged and I have an extensive therapeutic background in working in the health and social care field.

I have demonstrated my art skills in various residential care facilities in my capacity as a facilitator of promoting the exploration of personal creativity.

Whether I am tutoring a group, or working one to one, I aim to help build confidence, encourage social interaction, establish a relaxed, informal environment to allow friendships to develop.

I have worked extensively in the mental health sector. My experience is that art acts as a means of communication between people of all ages and backgrounds.

My community art project has taken me into schools and recently I ran several workshops at The Embassy Theatre in Skegness in collaboration with an art exhibition. I was able to connect with a substantial number of people, predominantly children, who were able to access art in a fun and engaging manner.

Personally, I have witnessed the power of art to act as a healing tool which can combat depression and offer a way to deal with anxiety.

During my art sessions my ethos is to help people to discover their inner artist. It’s not about producing a work of art within a set time, it’s an opportunity to socialise with others, to be creative in whatever form that may take and to be expressive. It’s about whatever works for the individual.

I also have plenty of practical experience while working as a freelance professional photographer. The skills I honed I employ to organise and support budding photographers in learning new techniques, and getting out and about in small groups to explore the local landscape.

During my therapeutic art sessions individuals can try their hand at watercolour and acrylic painting, decorating ceramics and glassware, 3D crafting, traditional subject matter or abstract work in various mediums, drawing, pen and ink and colour pencils.

I have recently designed and had printed my first mindfulness colouring book called “The Stress Buster Colouring Book” it’s aimed at people of all ages who may wish to take a little time out of their day away from the pressure of everyday life to focus on a relaxing, rewarding pastime.

Ultimately I am passionate about helping people to discover their personal potential. There are no barriers, or expectations only the opportunity for them to realise their own capabilities.

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